SO-UP Reloaded

A treatment with the So-Up Reloaded consists of 6 intensive techniques. These techniques are all discussed during a treatment.

So-Up Reloaded

A treatment with the So-Up Reloaded consists of 6 intensive techniques. These techniques are all discussed during a treatment (105 minutes).

What do we treat with So-Up?

  • Face: sagging, wrinkles, volume (filler treatment), radiance and complexion;
  • Body: slackening of buttocks, legs, abdomen and arms, cellulite and fat/fluid accumulations.

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Depending on the degree of aging, we recommend undergoing an Oxy-needling treatment prior to the SO-UP treatment(s). With the Oxy-Needling we stimulate the production of fibroblasts. These cells make collagen and elastin. The fibers that are responsible for the firmness of the skin. During the So-Up treatments we stimulate this fibroblast to produce more of these strengthening fibers.


Which techniques are used?

Lymph drainage

With a specially designed probe, waste products and bacteria are removed carefully, moisture accumulation is reduced, acne and skin stress are treated. This technique works nicely on cellulite and supports weight loss. The treatment is relaxing and painless.

Connective tissue massage

With the connective tissue probe we are able to stimulate the microcirculation, and thereby the oxygen and nutrition supply of the treated tissues. The skin metabolism is improved, and waste products are removed from the skin. We can give a continuous connective tissue massage for lymphatic drainage and by working pulsating the result is firming. Extremely suitable for the treatment of sagging contours and tissues.

Radiofrequency treatment (RF)

Radio frequency means that we create a heat of 40 degrees in the skin with electromagnetic waves. With the help of this heat we increase the energy level in the cell, so that the biological functions are restored and stimulated. With the frequency of the So-Up (0.5mhz) we reach the most important skin layers (the dermis and connective tissue) and avoid superficial damage. The main effect is the reinforcement that occurs. This is because the production of collagen and elastin fibers is activated, and the skin is able to, among other things, restore its lost elasticity.

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This treatment is supplemented with a peeling.

Prices & treatments


1 treatment
€ 180,- | 120 min.

€ 499,- | 30 min.

3 treatments
€ 499,00 | 90 min

6 treatments
€ 925,- | 90 min.

12 treatments
€ 1799,- | 120 min.

And there is more...

Myo Regenesis

This specially developed treatment with RF (heat waves) and red light has a strong stimulating depth on the problem areas. With the help of the heat waves, the muscle fibers are converted into power cells. With this we treat the mimic lines on the forehead, the folds of the nose lips, the forties lines and the eye area separately. This technique is also applied to the body for the buttocks and legs, for slimming and the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks.

Photo Dynamics

The power of light is enormous. Sunlight contains a color spectrum of which we can perceive 40%. Each color contains a different wavelength and speed of vibration. The colors range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue to purple. The effect of color does not end when we close our eyes. Our cells need light to function properly. The color affects them, causing changes in the growth and behavior of our cells. In recent years, its therapeutic application has been widely studied. A recent scientific study found that different frequencies of color can solve specific problems in the skin by rebalancing a cell with the right vibration. With the So-Up we use red, yellow and blue light for, among other things, the strengthening, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties.


Stands for sound waves. They are mechanical vibrations with a frequency of more than 18 kHz., causing 18000 vibrations per second. These waves send energy to the point of interest in the skin.

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