Ruby Mate

The treatment with the Ruby Mate consists of a treatment with sound waves (Miolifting) and is suitable for the face, neck and neckline. Miolifting causes a natural lifting and firming in the skin.

Ruby Mate

The treatment with the Ruby Mate  consists of a treatment with sound waves (Miolifting) and is suitable for face, neck and neckline. Miolifting causes a natural lifting and firming in the skin. Conductive rollers can be used for the larger areas. The antennae train the small muscles. The personal trainer for the skin.


Miolifting improves the skin

Beautiful skin has healthy blood circulation and a vital complexion. Stress, poor care and unhealthy lifestyle can make the skin look lifeless, dull and puffy. A Miolifting treatment improves microcirculation and trains the small muscles of the face.


Which skin problems does miolifting tackle?

Miolifting is suitable for every skin type. However, if you feel rushed and overstimulated, we prefer to recommend an alternative treatment.

Miolifting is extremely suitable for tackling skin problems and conditions such as:

  • a dull and lifeless skin with poor circulation
  • Local redness
  • faint jawline and sagging
  • coarse pores
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • uneven skin tone or texture
  • fluid retention under the eyes
  • sagging eyelids and eyebrows.

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Prices & treatments


1 treatment
€ 150,- | 105 min.

How does the Miolifting treatment work?

During the treatment, our beautician moves two electrodes of the device in upward even paths over your skin. You will experience a throbbing/pulsating sensation on the skin. The intensity can be built up as needed. In addition, we train the small muscles with the antennae. Before starting the Miolifting, the specialist treats the skin with a peeling. After the Miolifting, the applied active ingredients will be extra effective due to the stimulated circulation.

How many treatments do I need?

Our specialist can give appropriate advice based on the skin condition. Depending on the degree of aging, we recommend having multiple treatments weekly.

After the treatment

After the treatment, the skin has a healthy blood circulation, a vital appearance and lifted contours.

Important to know

  • A completely safe and effective technique;
  • After the treatment you can immediately resume your daily routine.

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