Oxy Needling

The Oxy Needling treatment is a treatment resulting from the perfect combination between oxygen and needling.

Oxy Needling

The Oxy Needling treatment is a treatment resulting from the perfect combination between oxygen and needling. This treatment consists of two powerful components, namely needling & oxygen. 


With microneedles we penetrate the epidermis (epidermis) and the dermis (dermis) of the skin. This creates microchannels. Through these channels we can not only infuse our active ingredients, which are applied during the treatment, to penetrate deeper into the skin. This controlled damage to the skin also prompts the skin to repair this canal as quickly as possible by filling it with new tissue. In a healthy body, there will be an increase in collagen and elastin producing fibroblasts. This natural repair mechanism makes the skin firmer and smoother.



Oxygen is vital for our body. Without oxygen there is no life. Our skin cells need oxygen as an energy carrier to function optimally. As the skin ages, the blood and oxygen supply decreases and nutrients become more and more depleted. Skin that undergoes intensive treatment benefits greatly from the addition of oxygen. With our Oxynova we have medicinal oxygen at our disposal that we can push into the skin with the force of 1 bar during needling. The positive effects are immediately visible.



  • Less redness from the needling treatment;
  • More volume;
  • Better absorption of the products; and
  • Active recovery and more energy

Indications / For what skin is this treatment suitable?

  • Lift and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Refine pores
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne

Needling can be performed both as a topical treatment and as a general skin improvement treatment. Needling is combined with a treatment whose active ingredients are suitable to be safely absorbed using this technique. We use Genosys needles for our needling treatments.

What is Genosys' biggest beauty secret?

Genosys uses the “diskneedling treatment”.

  • This creates more channels in the skin
  • Thanks to Innovative micro needling rollers you have better results and the technique is very safe
  • Diamond-shaped needles: Virtually painless and with hardly any downtime.
  • Perfect value for money

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Prices & treatments


1 treatment
€ 180,- | 120 min.

9 treatments (EYE)
€ 499,- | 30 min.

3 treatments
€ 499,00 | 90 min

6 treatments
€ 925,- | 90 min.

12 treatments
€ 1799,- | 120 min.

What other techniques can be used during this treatment?

Our specialists are trained to perform lymph drainages, connective tissue massages and peeling treatments in combination with the Oxy needling. Depending on the indications, the treatment will be upgraded with the following components:

Lymph drainage

With a specially intended 'probe' waste and bacteria are removed carefully, moisture accumulation is reduced, acne and skin stress are treated. This technique works nicely on cellulite and supports weight loss. The treatment is relaxing and painless.


Depending on the indications, we can have the skin undergo a preparatory peeling.

Connective tissue massage

With the connective tissue 'probe' we are able to stimulate the microcirculation, and thereby the oxygen and nutrition supply of the treated tissues. The skin metabolism improves and waste products are removed from the skin. We can give a continuous connective tissue massage for lymphatic drainage and by working pulsating the result is firming. Extremely suitable for the treatment of sagging contours and tissues.

Discover our special oxygen treatment 

  • Step 1: Snow Booster Oxygen Purification;
  • Step 2: Peeling and connective tissue massage
  • Step 3: Vibrating Roller treatment with specific oxygen rich serum;
  • Step 4: Eye Treatment with eye roller and eye mask;
  • Step 5: Oxygen Mask
  • Step 6: Oxygen boost with our medicinal oxygen machine (Oxynova Life)
  • Skincare and possible day make-up

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