Your first appointment at Ambiance? After the introductory treatment you will know everything about the current condition of your skin, the most effective treatment and the right products for home.


During the 120-minute introductory treatment, we spend 30 minutes on an analysis of the skin. The outcome of this analysis provides 3 goals that we will work on during the treatment and in our further advice/treatment plan. 

Goals can be: refined pores, clean skin, fewer wrinkles, firmer, more volume, brightness, reduction of pigmentation spots, removal of imperfections, more youthfu skinl, slimmer, fitter, less cellulite, smoother skin. Of course, relaxation is also a goal.

About our RS Light Skin Skin Scan Camera

With our RS Light Skin Skin Scan we can perform a scientifically substantiated skin analysis for you in just 20 seconds. The RS Lightskin analyzes the different and deeper layers of skin and shows them in detail. The results of the skin scan can be saved and compared with previous sessions.

The RS Light Skin analyzes the following skin characteristics:

  • Depth of existing lines and wrinkles
  • The elasticity of the skin
  • Blood circulation problems (couperose, rosacea)
  • Superficial and deep pigment damage
  • Amount of sebum
  • Moisture level
  • Energy level and microcirculation
  • Cornification

Looking at different levels in the skin

This unique device takes multiple photos of your face using different light sources. The RS Light Skin works with different lenses. The daylight photo is useful for analyzing the visible skin. With polarized and UV light, deeper skin conditions also become visible.

Tailor-made advice thanks to the skin scan

With our RS LIghtskin we take photos with 3 types of light: RGB daylight, PL polarized and UV light.

From these 3 photos, 10 different possible skin problems can be analyzed. The outcome of these photos tells us what the skin needs to respond optimally to our treatments and will be included in the total advice and treatment plan. With the follow-up treatments, the results can be measured and compared.


The custom treatment

Your subsequent 90-minute treatment will be tailored to your goals and the results of the RS light skin. A thorough skin cleaning (deep cleansing), eyebrow epilation, massage (if desired), mask and advice are almost always part of this treatment.

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Prices & treatments

Introduction treatment

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Introduction treatment
€ 125,- | 120 min.

At Ambiance Beauty and City spa we work with a subscription system. Of course everyone is welcome and it is always possible to pay per visit. However, it is cheaper to opt for a package of several treatments.

There are different packages:

  • 3 visits regular and premium
  • 6 visits regular and premium
  • 12 visits regular and premium

In the regular treatment you opt for manual (including relaxing) techniques, premium includes our equipment). Mixing with the different packages is also possible.

In addition, we offer cures with our:

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